February 27 High School UIL


Accounting: 1st  Alex Espinoza; 2nd Place Team

Computer Applications: 1st Maxine Wright, 2nd Jessica Flores, 3rd Zade Delgadillo; 1st Place Team

Current Issues & Events: 1st – Charles Gill, 2nd – Darius Edwards ,

Literary Criticism: 2nd – Lisseth Aguilar

Spelling & Vocabulary: 3rd –

Social Studies: 1st –

Ready Writing: 1st – Shelby Pierce, 3rd – Baylee Batise

Informative Speaking:  –

Persuasive Speaking:

Poetry: Jadon Booth, 3rd  Lindsey Pate


Pups to Sharks Series: Alan Almond

This week, the Pups to Sharks Series features Senior, Alan Almond.  Alan was born on January 26, 1997.  He is only two minutes younger than his twin sister, Ashley.  Alan started school at Sabine Pass School in Pre-K and his teacher was Mrs. Weeks.  This year, Alan is a library and art aid.  For the past two years, he has been involved with the Fire Marshall program and Principal’s Council.  Alan likes to focus on abstract art.  He is a talented artist and would like to continue being involved with art.  He hopes to volunteer at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas this summer.  Alan would also like to attend LIT and focus on a career in culinary arts.  After college, Alan would like to work in a bakery or for a catering business.   IMG_0065 (2)

Next week, our “Pups to Sharks Series” continues with Senior, Ashley Almond!


Walther Places at Southeast Texas Citizen Bee

Emma Walther, Charles Gill, and Valeria Perez represented Sabine Pass at the Southeast Texas Citizen Bee. They competed against students from 1A-6A public, private, and home schools from as far as Sugarland and across Southeast Texas. There was a written and oral component with questions on US History, the Constitution, Supreme Court Cases, and Current Events. Emma placed fourth overall, winning $75 and will be second alternate to the State Competition at the Capitol in Austin.

Winners 2015 (1)

Successful Sharks

We love to showcase what our students do at school, but it is nice to hear about the accomplishments they have in activities that are not school-related.  Last week, four students entered unique competitions and we are proud to say we have some very successful Sharks!

Sophomore, Adriana Wong, and Junior, Valeria Perez, both competed in the Kinsel Ford Gusher 5k in Beaumont on Saturday, March 7th.  The event consisted of a 5k, half marathon, and marathon and brought over 2,000 participants to Lamar University.  Both girls competed in the “15-19 Female” category.  Adriana Wong placed 1st overall in the category with a time of 24:53.4.  Valeria Perez placed 3rd overall in the category with a time of 28:09.1.  Congratulations Adriana and Valeria!


Eighth graders, Asa Lewis and Shane Foreman, competed in an academic contest in Houston last weekend.  On Friday, March 6th through Sunday, March 8th, Asa and Shane went to the Knights of Peter Claver Convention.  The convention includes numerous courts and branches of students ages 9-18 from around Texas.  Students can compete in a talent show, poetry, math, and science contests.  They also compete in the arts and crafts category, as well as, debate and quiz bowl.


Middle School and Elementary Student of the Week

Carolina Laurel has been named “Student of the Week” for middle school.  Carolina is an excellent student who is known to always try her best.  She is a 7th grade student and her favorite subject is math.  She loves to play soccer with her friends.  She is always happy to help her older brother translate when needed.

photo (12)


First grader, Cami White, is this week’s “Student of the Week!”  Cami’s favorite part of the day is when she gets to go to the gym for PE.  She loves learning about science, too!  Outside of school, Cami enjoys playing softball.  Cami was chosen because she really stands out in the 1st grade class.  She is known for being kindhearted and a hard worker.

IMG_0923 (1)

Middle School Track Results

Middle School Track competed against Hull Daisetta, Devers, Evadale, and Colmesneil on Monday at the Sabine Pass Track Meet. The Middle school track team has been working very hard and the coaches would like to congratulate them on their victories.

In the 2400 run, Jacob Zumwalt won with 1st place and Chloe Guidry took 5th.

In the 4 by 100 relay, the team of Asa Lewis, Jamesia Jones, Anahi Gutierrez, and Maile Nguyen got 3rd and the team of Jaizee Landry, Joanna Smolskey, Gracie Hensley, and Pharah Cole for 4th. The boys team of Logan Odom, Shane Foreman, Jordan Boatman, and Bryan Figueroa for 6th.

In the 110 meter hurdles, Asa Lewis got 3rd, Leslie Sandoval got 5th, Trinity Schenk for 6th.

In the 100 meter dash, Gracie Hensley got 1st, Jeslyn Roberts got 4th, Korie Dominick got 5th, and Makaila Benoit got 6th. For the boys, Kirk Blood placed 4th, Adolfo Oseguera got 5th and Bryan Figueroa got 5th.

In the 4 by 200 relay, the team of Erika Figueroa, Asa Lewis, Anahi Gutierrez, Jamesia Jones won with 1st place, the team of Jaizee Landry, Erisha Jones, Joanna Smolskey, and Paige Noe got 3rd. The boy’s team of Logan Odom, Jordan Boatman, Adolfo Oseguera, and Shane Foreman got 2nd place

In the 400 meter dash, Deidre Dages placed 3rd, Kaley Pitre got 4th, and Chloe Guidry and Raquel Johnson got 5th. For the boys, Caden Williams won with 1st place and Bryan Figueroa took 2nd.

In the 300 meter hurdles, Joanna Smolskey got 2nd, Makaila Benoit got 3rd, and Kaley Pitre and Anika Decuir both took 4th place.

In the 200 meter dash, Erisha Jones took 4th, Anika Decuir took 5th, and Jeslyn Roberts took 6th. For the boys, Kirk Blood took 3rd place and Shane Foreman took 4th.

For the mile run, Jacob Zumwalt placed 2nd while Trinity Schenk got 5th.

And finally, in the 4 by 400 meter relay, the girl’s team of Maile Nguyen, Erika Figueroa, Pharah Cole, and Deidre Dages took 3rd place while the other girls’ team of Jamesia Jones, Leslie Sandoval, Paige Noe, and Anahi Gutierrez took 4th place. The boy’s team of Adolfo Oseguera, Logan Odom, Jacob Zumwalt, and Jordan Boatman took 3rd place.

Again, Congratulations to the Middle School Track Team! Keep up the hard work!

IMG_1253 IMG_0963IMG_1234 IMG_1212 IMG_1208 IMG_1200 IMG_1193 IMG_1174 IMG_1170 IMG_1150 IMG_1149 IMG_1108 IMG_1155 IMG_1084 IMG_1061 IMG_1054 IMG_1039 IMG_1033 IMG_1029 IMG_1014

Chillin’ with Chance

A reader wants to know…

Q: “Chance, if you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?”

A: “I would invest all of the money into a time machine.  I would go back in time to save this poor cat I once saw get run over.”

Chance Hammers…Cat Saver/Herochance2

Risk Management Students Explore Professional Options

On February 18, 2015 Mrs. Deslatte accompanied Kiara Baker, Kayly Barragan, Bridget Roberts, and Karli Stelly to the insurance agency of Bowen, Miclette, and Britt in Houston.  While there, the students met with numerous professionals and learned about the wide variety of professions available in the insurance industry.  From there, Mrs. Deslatte and her students enjoyed lunch with students from the University of Houston-Downtown, who are currently participating in their Insurance and Risk Management degree program.  They were accompanied by Dr. Wendy Braniff, the director of the program.  Following lunch they attended the Houston Insurance Day Convention and Exhibit Hall where they met hundreds of insurance professionals and enjoyed learning more about the insurance and risk management industry.

Next Tuesday, Mrs. Deslatte and her students will be traveling to San Antonio where they will participate in a review class over Insuring Personal Auto Exposures, followed by a certification exam.  This will be one of the five exams needed for these students to earn their Certified Insurance Service Representative designation.  This opportunity was made available to these students thanks to the generous sponsorship donations by Ms. Kathleen Hicks, CIC-Tenured, her company, HR&R, LLC; Mr. Robert Rogers and his company Clear Lake Consulting, Incorporated; in partnership with the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research.


Pups to Sharks Showcase: Jessica Flores

Senior, Jessica Flores, has attended Sabine Pass since Pre-Kindergarten.  Her first teacher was Ms. Weeks.  Jessica was born on December 10, 1996.  Jessica is the last of her five siblings to graduate from Sabine Pass.

During middle school, she participated in volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and UIL.  She continued UIL throughout her high school career.  Jessica has also been a cheerleader for six consecutive years.  Jessica has been a member of OAP since her freshman year.  Jessica has been nominated for many student accolades throughout her tenure at Sabine Pass.  During the homecoming game in 2014, Jessica was crowned one of two Homecoming Queens.  In the course of her thirteen years as a Sabine Pass Shark, Jessica has made a strong effort to be a very involved student.

2014-06-12 16.41.27 img_2131-2_0465




Next week, our Pups to Sharks Series will focus on Alan Almond!

IMG_0065 (2)


Elementary and Middle School Student of the Week

Third grader, Paris Romero, is the Elementary “Student of the Week!”  Paris loves writing.  She enjoys being outside, running in the gym, and playing basketball.  She loves having Mrs. Gonzales as her teacher.  Paris was chosen because not only is she an outstanding student, she is also the top point earner in ClassDojo for upper elementary.


This weeks’ Middle School “Student of the Week” is 6th grader, Roy Vargas.  Roy was chosen because he is an excellent student and works hard to maintain all A’s.  Roy’s favorite subject is math.  Roy enjoys playing sports and video games.  When asked what he likes most about 6th grade, Roy stated “the teachers.”  He is looking forward to 7th grade science class and being able to play middle school sports.photo (7)