3D Printer Provides Excellent Projects for All Ages

Teachers are always looking for ways to provide a hands-on experience for some of their lessons.  Throughout the years, technology has been incorporated into lessons to provide better resources than worksheets and textbooks to help educate students.  Many students have had the opportunity to use materials that have been printed from a 3D printer.  The 3D printed resources have been used in lessons to teach about the anatomy of a heart, DNA strands, and how volcanic eruptions happen.  Mrs. Henderson’s class was able to study the anatomical structures of a heart before beginning dissection.  The 3D model was the exact size and shape of a real heart.  This allowed the students to identify different parts of the heart, but in a much cleaner setting.  Mrs. Henderson also taught high school students about DNA using 3D models.  Mrs. Gonzales’ class enjoyed creating volcanic eruptions using a 3D volcano, baking soda, red food coloring, and vinegar.   “Using a 3D model helped keep students engaged in the lesson.”  Ms. Bates already has a museum project scheduled for May.  Her students will take pictures of an object and have a 3D model printed of the item.      DSCN5597