Middle School Track Results

Middle School Track competed against Hull Daisetta, Devers, Evadale, and Colmesneil on Monday at the Sabine Pass Track Meet. The Middle school track team has been working very hard and the coaches would like to congratulate them on their victories.

In the 2400 run, Jacob Zumwalt won with 1st place and Chloe Guidry took 5th.

In the 4 by 100 relay, the team of Asa Lewis, Jamesia Jones, Anahi Gutierrez, and Maile Nguyen got 3rd and the team of Jaizee Landry, Joanna Smolskey, Gracie Hensley, and Pharah Cole for 4th. The boys team of Logan Odom, Shane Foreman, Jordan Boatman, and Bryan Figueroa for 6th.

In the 110 meter hurdles, Asa Lewis got 3rd, Leslie Sandoval got 5th, Trinity Schenk for 6th.

In the 100 meter dash, Gracie Hensley got 1st, Jeslyn Roberts got 4th, Korie Dominick got 5th, and Makaila Benoit got 6th. For the boys, Kirk Blood placed 4th, Adolfo Oseguera got 5th and Bryan Figueroa got 5th.

In the 4 by 200 relay, the team of Erika Figueroa, Asa Lewis, Anahi Gutierrez, Jamesia Jones won with 1st place, the team of Jaizee Landry, Erisha Jones, Joanna Smolskey, and Paige Noe got 3rd. The boy’s team of Logan Odom, Jordan Boatman, Adolfo Oseguera, and Shane Foreman got 2nd place

In the 400 meter dash, Deidre Dages placed 3rd, Kaley Pitre got 4th, and Chloe Guidry and Raquel Johnson got 5th. For the boys, Caden Williams won with 1st place and Bryan Figueroa took 2nd.

In the 300 meter hurdles, Joanna Smolskey got 2nd, Makaila Benoit got 3rd, and Kaley Pitre and Anika Decuir both took 4th place.

In the 200 meter dash, Erisha Jones took 4th, Anika Decuir took 5th, and Jeslyn Roberts took 6th. For the boys, Kirk Blood took 3rd place and Shane Foreman took 4th.

For the mile run, Jacob Zumwalt placed 2nd while Trinity Schenk got 5th.

And finally, in the 4 by 400 meter relay, the girl’s team of Maile Nguyen, Erika Figueroa, Pharah Cole, and Deidre Dages took 3rd place while the other girls’ team of Jamesia Jones, Leslie Sandoval, Paige Noe, and Anahi Gutierrez took 4th place. The boy’s team of Adolfo Oseguera, Logan Odom, Jacob Zumwalt, and Jordan Boatman took 3rd place.

Again, Congratulations to the Middle School Track Team! Keep up the hard work!

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