Shark Expectations for New School Year – By: Ja’leigh Cerf and Aisha Vaughn

It feels just like yesterday was the last day of school, but yet here we are starting another great school year.  Some new fish have been added to our growing ocean of Sharks.  Notable newcomer to high school, Korie Dominick, is a member of the Varsity Cheerleaders, as well as, a freshman on the Varsity volleyball team. “I just want to fit into high school,” says Korie.  Korie is also excited about taking Mrs. Henderson’s class.  Overall, it seems like Korie has a great year ahead of her!  Fourth grader, Julianna Nunez, is new to Sabine Pass.  Julianna had a wonderful first week of school because “it was nice and [she] made new friends and met new teachers.”  Julianna has a brother who has joined the 6th grade class this year.  Jose Nunez says “I wasn’t worried about coming to Sabine Pass because it seemed like a nice school.”  Jose enjoyed gym class because they started the week by doing a Fitnessgram.  He is already looking forward to joining the basketball team next year.