Walther Commended in NMSP

Congratulations to Senior Emma Walther for being named a Commended Student in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program.  The National Merit Scholarship recognizes Commended Students who place among the top 5% of participants for their scores on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).

Stressing Out – By: Kayla Robinson

Although many students are relieved that the first six weeks is coming to an end, they can already see how stressful the upcoming months might be.  Some students have taken on several challenging courses.  “This year it seems we have homework for every class period,” says Sophomore Cameron White.  Juggling homework, sports, school activities, and even jobs can be overwhelming if students do not find balance.  Some students have learned to create strategies and tips on how to reduce or prevent some of the stress. Sophomore, Lauren Price gives some help on how she relieves her school related stress. Her words of advice to others are to “organize, relax, and plan your day out.”  Using advice like this can help students stay focused on what is important and learn to prioritize.

Seniors Talk Trends – By: Chelsea Traylor

Fashion can be an inspiring thing. Many people look to magazines, celebrities, and even Pinterest to find stylish outfits for school, work, or hanging out. For some, it is more fun to create their own unique sense of style. Many students at Sabine Pass are known for using clothing and accessories to stand out. We asked a few trendy seniors about their fashion secrets. Noemi Martinez said she doesn’t have a particular inspiration for fashion. “I just wear what I think looks good together, whether it’s girly, edgy or casual” said Noemi. Jayla Young agrees with Noemi about coordinating her outfits based on how she feels that day.  When it comes to trendy looks, Marlen Munguia does her own thing in fashion. “I don’t pay attention to clothing trends,” she said.  For those who have a love for fashion, we can all agree that the most important thing is to be creative and enjoy your style.  Amber Bolden just likes to dress up because it’s fun.  Designer Rachel Zoe once said “style is a way to say

who you are without having to speak.”

Lessons Learned from Sports – By: Shea Boatman

Being involved in sports can be much more than a hobby.  Many Sabine Pass students enjoy playing sports because it can provide an opportunity to show off their athletic abilities and offer a chance to show how they are as an individual and team player.  Sophomore Lexi Emerson has played sports throughout middle school and high school. “I love playing sports because it is the only place that I can actually be myself.” Players often welcome the chance to focus on a game and leave their stress of student life behind for a while.  Sports can even teach valuable lessons that help students both on and off of the court.  We have all heard of the saying “there is no I in team” and coaches motivate their players to work together.  Freshman Gracie Hensley says, “a team works together and comes together as a family.”

Challenged to Succeed By: Andrea Figueroa

Every year, students are given what seems to be the most challenging assignment of their school career. Though some course work seems impossible at first, students have worked hard and ultimately succeeded.  One of the most difficult tasks so far according to two sophomores, Lisseth Aguilar and Jorge Magana, has been Mrs. Henderson’s end of the year project. The project involves a PowerPoint presentation and essay. Students find the assignment to be pretty challenging, but understand that it can make them a better student and help prepare them for future college courses.  Sophomore Aisha Vaughn explained that Mrs. Bates’ AP US History class often involves a lot of work, but at the same time provides an opportunity to receive credit hours in US History before entering college.  High school students understand that the challenges they face in class today will help them prepare for them for their next step in education.