Challenged to Succeed By: Andrea Figueroa

Every year, students are given what seems to be the most challenging assignment of their school career. Though some course work seems impossible at first, students have worked hard and ultimately succeeded.  One of the most difficult tasks so far according to two sophomores, Lisseth Aguilar and Jorge Magana, has been Mrs. Henderson’s end of the year project. The project involves a PowerPoint presentation and essay. Students find the assignment to be pretty challenging, but understand that it can make them a better student and help prepare them for future college courses.  Sophomore Aisha Vaughn explained that Mrs. Bates’ AP US History class often involves a lot of work, but at the same time provides an opportunity to receive credit hours in US History before entering college.  High school students understand that the challenges they face in class today will help them prepare for them for their next step in education.