Seniors Talk Trends – By: Chelsea Traylor

Fashion can be an inspiring thing. Many people look to magazines, celebrities, and even Pinterest to find stylish outfits for school, work, or hanging out. For some, it is more fun to create their own unique sense of style. Many students at Sabine Pass are known for using clothing and accessories to stand out. We asked a few trendy seniors about their fashion secrets. Noemi Martinez said she doesn’t have a particular inspiration for fashion. “I just wear what I think looks good together, whether it’s girly, edgy or casual” said Noemi. Jayla Young agrees with Noemi about coordinating her outfits based on how she feels that day.  When it comes to trendy looks, Marlen Munguia does her own thing in fashion. “I don’t pay attention to clothing trends,” she said.  For those who have a love for fashion, we can all agree that the most important thing is to be creative and enjoy your style.  Amber Bolden just likes to dress up because it’s fun.  Designer Rachel Zoe once said “style is a way to say

who you are without having to speak.”