Students Form UNICEF Organization at Sabine Pass

Sabine Pass high school students recently created a new student organization with the goal of helping other students and their community.  S.H.A.R.K.S. is a UNICEF-sponsored association that stands for Students Helping At-Risk Kids Succeed.  “While filling out college applications, I was not happy with the absence of involvement in student organizations or community service,” said S.H.A.R.K.S. President, Kiara Baker.  She took her concerns to Mrs. Deslatte and discussed them with her class.  “We created this group because we feel that students need to be involved with their community.  It provides excellent leadership opportunities and can help set up a positive environment at school,” said Mrs. Deslatte.  S.H.A.R.K.S. officers are Kiara Baker, Karli Stelly, Kayly Barragan, and Bridget Roberts.  The girls are looking to start the group this year with hopes of it growing into a successful organization in the coming years.  If you are a middle school or high school student who is interested in joining S.H.A.R.K.S., please see Mrs. Deslatte for more information.


Student of the Week

Caleb Morgan is this week’s “Middle School Student of the Week!” Caleb is a sixth grader and his first year of middle school has been quite impressive. Caleb was awarded for his essay that he shared at the Veteran’s Day program in November.  He was also recently voted Middle School Sweetheart at the Valentine’s Dance. Caleb likes to play video games and with nerf guns.  He looks forward to competing on the science UIL team next year.




Pre-K student, Hayli Nichols, has been named “Elementary Student of the Week.”  Hayli works hard in class, follows directions, and always listens to Mrs. Rodgers.  Hayli’s favorite thing about Pre-K IMG_3348is reading books!

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Student of the Week

Middle School teachers are awarding “Student of the Week” to 8th grader, Erika Figueroa.  Erika is a two-year member of the Middle School Cheerleading Squad and plays many sports at Sabine Pass.  She is a hard-working student who is always eager to help.  Erika is known for her ability to make people laugh and her kindhearted spirit. Erika was recently crowned as Middle School Sweetheart at the Valentine’s Dance Coronation.IMG_1778








Fifth grader, Rylee Jones, has been selected “Student of the Week” by elementary teachers.  Rylee is a hard worker and a very good student.  She is a dancer at Company D Dance Studio.  Rylee looks forward to middle school sports like volleyball and wants to be a member of the tennis team when she reaches high school.IMG_2086

Sabine Pass School Unveils New Learning Tool

You may have recently noticed a VGO Robot traveling around campus.  On Monday, Sabine Pass unveiled a new educational tool designed to help home-bound students attend class and be involved in a regular school environment and faculty can attend important meetings while away.  Students and staff will be able to listen to lectures, be involved in class discussions, and not feel as if they are missing out on educational opportunities while they are away from school. The VGO Robot, named “Robyn,” has already been put to use in classrooms and school activities this FullSizeRender (3)week.

Royalty Crowned at Valentine’s Dance

The Junior Class hosted the Valentine’s Dance on Thursday night.  Students enjoyed a dance contest and the crowning of this year’s sweethearts.  Four sets of sweethearts were chosen: lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school and high school.  Lower elementary crowned Meagan Pfeffer and Brendan Miller.  Sweethearts for upper elementary  were Hacelyn Contreras and Tyler Gonzales.  Erika Figueroa and Caleb Morgan were crowned sweethearts for middle school and Kiara Baker and Brayden Miller were crowned for high school. IMG_1767IMG_1769

Student Spotlight

Middle School Student Spotlight

This week, middle school teachers have named 7th grader, Kelcey Torres, as Middle School Student of the Week! Kelcey has been a member of the volleyball and basketball team and enjoys playing soccer, as well. She stays on the A/B Honor Roll and is a very hard-working student.  Her favorite classes are reading, science, and social studies!


Elementary Student Spotlight

Kolby Arceneaux is this week’s Elementary Student of the Week!  Kolby stands out among Shark students because he is a hard worker, is always on task, and you can often find him helping others.  His favorite subject in math.  Kolby’s favorite thing about Sabine Pass School is the football program and he loves playing football with his uncles.




Middle School Basketball Season Ends with Excitement

The middle school basketball season came to an end on Thursday, February 5th.  Seventh and eighth grade teams joined together to compete against Bob Hope.

The girls found themselves down by eight points when the starting five reentered in the fourth quarter.  The players quickly erased the eight point deficit  and surged to a six point victory.

The boys were dominant throughout the game.  It was an excellent opportunity for all of the boys to play together as a team.  The game ended in a 35-3 victory over Bob Hope.  Congratulations to all middle school basketball players on an exciting season.IMG_1477IMG_1637

Senior Class Box Tops Contest

The Senior Class is hosting a box tops contest from January 26th-February 20th.  Please send unexpired box tops to school to help your class win an icy treat!

Elementary students – bring your box tops to your homeroom teacher.

6th grade – Mrs. Holmes

7th grade – Mrs. Guidry

8th grade – Mrs. Deslatte

9th grade – Ms. Lindsey

10th grade – Mrs. Bates

11th grade – Mrs. Henderson

12th grade – Mrs. Dusang


Good luck to all classes!