Risk Management Students Explore Professional Options

On February 18, 2015 Mrs. Deslatte accompanied Kiara Baker, Kayly Barragan, Bridget Roberts, and Karli Stelly to the insurance agency of Bowen, Miclette, and Britt in Houston.  While there, the students met with numerous professionals and learned about the wide variety of professions available in the insurance industry.  From there, Mrs. Deslatte and her students enjoyed lunch with students from the University of Houston-Downtown, who are currently participating in their Insurance and Risk Management degree program.  They were accompanied by Dr. Wendy Braniff, the director of the program.  Following lunch they attended the Houston Insurance Day Convention and Exhibit Hall where they met hundreds of insurance professionals and enjoyed learning more about the insurance and risk management industry.

Next Tuesday, Mrs. Deslatte and her students will be traveling to San Antonio where they will participate in a review class over Insuring Personal Auto Exposures, followed by a certification exam.  This will be one of the five exams needed for these students to earn their Certified Insurance Service Representative designation.  This opportunity was made available to these students thanks to the generous sponsorship donations by Ms. Kathleen Hicks, CIC-Tenured, her company, HR&R, LLC; Mr. Robert Rogers and his company Clear Lake Consulting, Incorporated; in partnership with the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research.


Pups to Sharks Showcase: Jessica Flores

Senior, Jessica Flores, has attended Sabine Pass since Pre-Kindergarten.  Her first teacher was Ms. Weeks.  Jessica was born on December 10, 1996.  Jessica is the last of her five siblings to graduate from Sabine Pass.

During middle school, she participated in volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and UIL.  She continued UIL throughout her high school career.  Jessica has also been a cheerleader for six consecutive years.  Jessica has been a member of OAP since her freshman year.  Jessica has been nominated for many student accolades throughout her tenure at Sabine Pass.  During the homecoming game in 2014, Jessica was crowned one of two Homecoming Queens.  In the course of her thirteen years as a Sabine Pass Shark, Jessica has made a strong effort to be a very involved student.

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Next week, our Pups to Sharks Series will focus on Alan Almond!

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Elementary and Middle School Student of the Week

Third grader, Paris Romero, is the Elementary “Student of the Week!”  Paris loves writing.  She enjoys being outside, running in the gym, and playing basketball.  She loves having Mrs. Gonzales as her teacher.  Paris was chosen because not only is she an outstanding student, she is also the top point earner in ClassDojo for upper elementary.


This weeks’ Middle School “Student of the Week” is 6th grader, Roy Vargas.  Roy was chosen because he is an excellent student and works hard to maintain all A’s.  Roy’s favorite subject is math.  Roy enjoys playing sports and video games.  When asked what he likes most about 6th grade, Roy stated “the teachers.”  He is looking forward to 7th grade science class and being able to play middle school sports.photo (7)

3D Printer Provides Excellent Projects for All Ages

Teachers are always looking for ways to provide a hands-on experience for some of their lessons.  Throughout the years, technology has been incorporated into lessons to provide better resources than worksheets and textbooks to help educate students.  Many students have had the opportunity to use materials that have been printed from a 3D printer.  The 3D printed resources have been used in lessons to teach about the anatomy of a heart, DNA strands, and how volcanic eruptions happen.  Mrs. Henderson’s class was able to study the anatomical structures of a heart before beginning dissection.  The 3D model was the exact size and shape of a real heart.  This allowed the students to identify different parts of the heart, but in a much cleaner setting.  Mrs. Henderson also taught high school students about DNA using 3D models.  Mrs. Gonzales’ class enjoyed creating volcanic eruptions using a 3D volcano, baking soda, red food coloring, and vinegar.   “Using a 3D model helped keep students engaged in the lesson.”  Ms. Bates already has a museum project scheduled for May.  Her students will take pictures of an object and have a 3D model printed of the item.      DSCN5597

SPIPPS Day 1 DVD Now on Sale – DVD Preview!

If you were at SPIPPS on February 21st, you have the opportunity to buy a DVD featuring all grades who participated!  Students in Early Childhood – Kindergarten can purchase the DVD for $5.  SPIPPS participants in 1st-8th grade can purchase the DVD for $10.  The DVD features individual students showcasing their basketball skills, as well as pictures from the games they played.  Please see Mrs. Guidry if you are interested in buying the DVD.

Art Protégé Chosen at Sabine Pass

Senior, Alan Almond, was recently chosen as one of 24 area high school students to display their artwork at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas.  AMSET has organized an annual art contest for the past 29 years for twelfth-graders to showcase their skills and learn about museum exhibition practices.  Local high schools sent in 150 entries.  Alan had the opportunity to attend a framing session to learn to frame artwork, as well as, help other participants with their frames.  A formal opening reception and awards ceremony took place on Tuesday, February 24th.  His artwork can be viewed at AMESET and will also tour regional schools from March 23rd through May 1st.

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High School Students Win SERTOMA Essay Contest

On Wednesday, February 25th, representatives, Debbie Neef and DiAnn Hollar, from SERTOMA came to Sabine Pass School to present two awards.  Among many entries, Juniors, Zade Delgadillo and Marlen Mungia, were chosen for their excellent essays they submitted for SERTOMA’s National Heritage Essay Contest earlier this school year.  Both students received a special reward and a certificate honoring their outstanding writing ability and presentation of ideas.


Students Form UNICEF Organization at Sabine Pass

Sabine Pass high school students recently created a new student organization with the goal of helping other students and their community.  S.H.A.R.K.S. is a UNICEF-sponsored association that stands for Students Helping At-Risk Kids Succeed.  “While filling out college applications, I was not happy with the absence of involvement in student organizations or community service,” said S.H.A.R.K.S. President, Kiara Baker.  She took her concerns to Mrs. Deslatte and discussed them with her class.  “We created this group because we feel that students need to be involved with their community.  It provides excellent leadership opportunities and can help set up a positive environment at school,” said Mrs. Deslatte.  S.H.A.R.K.S. officers are Kiara Baker, Karli Stelly, Kayly Barragan, and Bridget Roberts.  The girls are looking to start the group this year with hopes of it growing into a successful organization in the coming years.  If you are a middle school or high school student who is interested in joining S.H.A.R.K.S., please see Mrs. Deslatte for more information.


Student of the Week

Caleb Morgan is this week’s “Middle School Student of the Week!” Caleb is a sixth grader and his first year of middle school has been quite impressive. Caleb was awarded for his essay that he shared at the Veteran’s Day program in November.  He was also recently voted Middle School Sweetheart at the Valentine’s Dance. Caleb likes to play video games and with nerf guns.  He looks forward to competing on the science UIL team next year.




Pre-K student, Hayli Nichols, has been named “Elementary Student of the Week.”  Hayli works hard in class, follows directions, and always listens to Mrs. Rodgers.  Hayli’s favorite thing about Pre-K IMG_3348is reading books!

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If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Guidry at juguidry@sabinepass.net.